Labor Day Camp 2024

Labor Day Camp 2024 registration is open!

Join us back in the Mendocino Woodlands from Friday, August 30th to Monday, September 2nd.
Register for Labor Day Camp on our Google form.
Learn more about Labor Day Camp on our website.

New this year, Labor Day Camp will be 100% communally run like Thanks Camp. What that means is no official staff outside of the Dean, Registrar, and Head Cook. How we run a communal camp like this is by placing families and individuals into a different day group. On your day, your group delegates to split the workload. At our communal camps like this, your talents shine, skills are shared, and everyone gets a few days to just be campers. When everyone pitches in to make Camp happen, everyone has more time to enjoy Camp and being together. 

A small scholarship fund is available to help those who need to offset the costs of Camp tuition, especially those being displaced by no staff discounts. Apply for a scholarship on our Google form.