January 28, 2023 Board Meeting

Dear NCUUCC Community,

We will be having our NCUUCC Board Meeting on January 28th, 2023 at 10am to 1pm on Zoom. If you want to join the meeting, please email president@ncuucc.orgfor the link.

We are working on planning Family Camp 2023! If you would like to step into a leadership role for our community, please fill out this form. This survey is to find out who is interested in these positions, not a guarantee for that position. SURVEY: https://forms.gle/vbxF6CjXqvrosrda7

Our Family Camp 2023 Co-Deans Amanda Payne and Amy Mosely are looking forward to building an awesome team to help lead Family Camp 2023! Reach out to them directly by emailing deans@ncuucc.org

Hope you can join us in making great camps this year!


Thanksgiving Camp at Camp Sylvester (Pinecrest, CA)


Sign up today to join your friends, family, and chosen family under the beauty of the winter pines in for our most cooperative camp.

Ready to sign up?

Thanks Camp Registration Form


Thanks Camp Scholarship Request


Thanksgiving Camp November 2016

Registration Open for Labor Day Camp 2022

Labor Day Camp
Fri Sept 2 – Mon Sept 5, 2022

Hello NCUUCC Family!

We are very excited to announce that registration for Labor Day Camp at Camp 2 of the Mendocino Woodlands is OPEN! Fill out your registration form HERE

Camper Fees

Early Bird rate register on or before Aug 15 Regular rate register after Aug 15
Adult $200 $225
YRUUP, Senior, Full time Student, Teen $160 $180
Age 6-12 years $100 $115
Age 2-5 years $75 $75
Under 2 years $40 $40
Staff $40 $40

You will receive your invoice 2-5 business days after filling out the form. Your registration will be finished when your payment is complete and all deposits received. All registration questions can be directed to Jane Gehrke, Registrar (registrar@ncuucc.org).

We need Staff!  At Labor Day Camp, all staff are considered Full Time, will have a shift each day, and therefore only pay the insurance fee of $40. Staff make camp happen! We currently need both cooks and dishwashers. Interested in cooking? Contact our Head Cooks, Angie Lane (angielane707@gmail.com) or Melissa Martin (mariahblue77@gmail.com). Dishwashers! Amanda Payne is your lead, but contact Amy Mosley with interest (mosleying@gmail.com)

COVID safety. Our Covid safety protocols, crafted by the Covid Cootie Committee (CCC), are considered to be a covenant/community agreement that we collectively enter. We are relying on each other to help keep us all safe, and we keep the seven UU principles in mind as we navigate both the uncertainty of these times and our strong drive to gather. Please note that there is no vaccination requirement for Labor Day Camp.

Our Covid safety protocols, crafted by the Covid Cootie Committee (CCC), are considered to be a covenant/community agreement that we collectively enter. We are relying on each other to help keep us all safe, and we keep the seven UU principles in mind as we navigate both the uncertainty of these times and our strong drive to gather. Please note that there is no vaccination requirement for Labor Day Camp.

By registering for and attending Labor Day Camp, all campers agree to the following:

  • To undergo a Covid rapid antigen test at the gate. A negative test result is required in order to enter camp
  • For campers under 2 years old, proof of a negative Covid test is required at the gate. This can either be a PCR test performed within ~72 hrs of arrival at camp, or a rapid antigen test performed at the gate
  • No unregistered visitors. Please do not encourage visitors; we do not have the personnel over this short weekend to accommodate their arrival, and since ‘no visitors’ is part of the community agreement, other campers have not agreed to their arrival either
  • All campers will test themselves at home (either by rapid test or PCR) 5 days after the end of camp. Record of this test will be submitted to the CCC via Google Form.

Childcare, Workshops and Activities. There is no childcare and no official workshops offered at Labor Day Camp. Campers are encouraged to bring a workshop to share, if able. Evening activities will include a game night, a byo mock/cocktail tasting, and hopefully live entertainment from a local group.

A message from the Dean

Hey all! 

I am honored to help make this camp happen and bring our NCUUCC family together again in the beloved Mendocino Woodlands, which are on Northern Pomo land. The many successes of Family Camp, which was a grand effort by our valiant deans and many community members, inspired me to take on Labor Day Camp leadership. Our community really stepped up and I am so proud of us! 

As we re-form our community and gatherings during the Covid pandemic, we are also stepping into a new understanding of stewardship of the woodlands. Spearheaded by the Leschyns, NCUUCC has partnered with the local Pomo through the Save Jackson Coalition to end logging in the area, and move toward full stewardship by the Pomo, known as Pomo Land Back. These efforts are a full expression of our UU principles, and are long overdue. Thank you Wade and Debby for your leadership.

For my own small effort as a steward of this land, I declare Labor Day Camp to be GLITTER FREE. When we wear or use glitter at camp, we are depositing it into the earth, the creek, and the historic buildings. As fun as it is, unfortunately glitter creates microtrash composed of plastic and metal, which simply does not go away. In order to take care of the Woodlands and protect the water, glitter will not be allowed at Labor Day Camp. Please consider compostable glitter options, and leave non-compostable glitter at home.

Looking forward to another excellent camp with you all!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns!

Much love,

Amy Mosley

Dean of Labor Day Camp 2022

Family Camp 2022 – Registration is Open!

Thank you for your patience! Family Camp 2022 Registration is now officially open! 

Family Camp Dates
Week 1: July 10-16, 2022
Week 2: July 17-21, 2022

Registration: Please review and fill out this form to register. You will receive your invoice 2-5 business days after filling out the registration form. Your registration will be finished when your payment is complete and all deposits received. 

All registration questions can be directed to Jane Gehrke, Registrar, registrar@ncuucc.org.
For scholarship, see this form also.

Check out our staff opportunities. For kitchen staff volunteer sign ups email cooks@ncuucc.org. For workshops email Angela Moffett, Workshop cordinator, acmoffett@gmail.com. For all other non-kitchen staff inquiries, reach out to our Deans Erica Hill and Tiffany Black at deans@ncuucc.org.

Community and COVID-19 Policies for Family Camp 2022:

Message from the Deans, Erica Hill and Tiffany Black

NCUUCC has to follow current compliance policies, mandates, and rules established by the Mendocino Woodlands, Mendocino County, and State of California regarding group gatherings. This includes COVID-19 pandemic regulations.

The NCUUCC Board is maintaining our values and traditions to have camps open to all peoples from the world community. It is our values to not discriminate against any person who joins our intentional group which includes discrimination of people based on vaccination status, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, mental health, politics or other social factors. For this reason camp will be open to all regardless of vaccination status in compliance with local and state regulations for group gatherings.

As policies about group gatherings have rapidly changed over the COVID-19 pandemic we ask for your flexibility and patience should we be forced to cancel Family Camp or further limit attendance. We have reduced our camper attendance for this year.

Our refund policy has always been flexible and fluid regarding major life events. This year we are also including refunds should a person or family not be able to attend camp because of getting sick or changes to regulations around group gatherings. All refunds will be at least two-thirds

We will be asking all campers to test for the COVID-19 virus before coming to camp regardless of vaccination status. We may be requiring proof of a negative test in the 72-hour window period prior to your arrival to Family Camp, regardless of vaccination status. If this proof of a negative test is not given by registration at camp, you may be asked to do a rapid test on site or to leave camp. More details will be provided.

We are a community established in the 7 UU Principles and over 50 years of tradition. We recognize these principles:
1st Principle: The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
2nd Principle: Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;
3rd Principle: Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations;
4th Principle: A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
5th Principle: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large;
6th Principle: The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;
7th Principle: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

News about Family Camp 2022

Dear Community,

Great news! We are excited to announce that we are having Family Camp this year at the Mendocino Woodlands!

Week 1: July 10th, 2022 to July 16th, 2022

Week 2: July 17th, 2022 to July 23rd, 2022

While the NCUUCC Board has decided to hold Family Camp 2022 in-person this year we are faced with unique planning issues from the pandemic and lack the leadership necessary to host camp. We need your help in stepping up to lead our camp this year to make it happen!

Specifically, we need DEANS, HEAD COOK, REGISTRAR who are committed to attend Family Camp for the full two weeks and pre-planning meetings on Zoom. Our community leaders in this position will need to be able to attend the first Family Camp planning meeting on March 19th from 10am to 12pm via Zoom.

Please fill out this Family Camp Leadership form no later than March 14th 2022 if you would like to step into any leadership role or be a volunteer staff member this Summer for reduced registration fee.h

Logistics about how camp will operate this year will come soon late March. Thank you for your patience!


Your Northern California Unitarian Universalist Camps and Conferences Board

Thanks Camp 2021 Interest Questionnaire

Labor Day Camp 2021 was a success! Campers were excited to reunite with each other under the canopy of redwoods at the Mendocino Woodlands. Now the NCUUCC Board needs your help in making their consideration to hold Thanks Camp at Camp Sylvester this year (Nov. 25th to 28th, 2021). We are asking you to complete this survey to find out your interest in attending Thanks Camp given the present COVID circumstance. Please complete this survey no later than Sept. 27th by 10pm PST.

Here’s the link to the questionnaire:


Labor Day Camp 2021

Labor Day Camp is On!

Registration is now OPEN

Welcome back Campers!!

Due to the recent rise in Covid-19 cases and the Mendocino Woodlands policy on group camps we regret that we can only invite campers ages 12 and older who are fully vaccinated and can provide proof of vaccination.

We will gather in community Friday September 3rd through Monday September 6th.  We are planning a relaxed camp with some workshops which will include; sing-a-longs, hikes, beading, puzzles & games, archery, and whatever else YOU want to bring. So bring your favorite activity or craft to share.

Let’s get back to our Beloved Redwoods.

Deans: Marty Hoffman, martyjhoffman@gmail.com

& Fennel Schubert, Fennel.t.schubert@gmail.com

Contact Marty or Fen with workshop questions.

Registrar: Deeana McLemore, deeanamc@yahoo.com

You will not be officially registered until your vaccine is verified.

Vaccine Check: Wade Leschyn, wadel@belmateo.net

When registering, please send vaccine verifications to Wade.

Head Chief: Debby Leschyn, dleschyn@gmail.com

Contact Debby to be a part of the Kitchen Crew.

Camper Potluck Picnic July 17th 1-4p July 17th in Alameda at Franklin Park

This event is for all ages. Potluck – Bring your own food and drinks. Some plates, cups, utensils, ice, and ice chests will be provided. Tables and a grill have also been reserved. Some outdoor activities will be brought along such as hula hoops and frisbees but feel free to bring creative or crafty outdoor activities. If you are interested in helping the hosts by committing to bringing a food item or activity, please email Guy.

Franklin Park is located at 1432 San Antonio Ave, Alameda, CA. Franklin Park has a playground and ADA-compliant bathrooms. Franklin Park has been reserved for this event on July 17th from 1-4 pm.