We are excited to announce that registration is OPEN for Labor Day Camp at Camp 2 of the Mendocino Woodlands!

Fill out your registration form HERE.

Join us Friday Sept. 1st to Monday Sept. 4th for an extended holiday weekend.


NEW AT LABOR DAY THIS YEAR! We have opportunities for 100% and 50% volunteer staff positions. Our volunteer staff make camp happen and receive a lower camper tuition rate. Read more on our Labor Day Camp Registration page!

COVID SAFETY. Our COVID-19 safety protocols, crafted by the Covid Cootie Committee (CCC), are considered to be a covenant/community agreement that we collectively enter. We are relying on each other to help keep us all safe, and keep the seven UU principles in mind as we navigate both the uncertainty of these times and our strong drive to gather together. By registering for and attending Labor Day Camp, all campers agree to the following:

To undergo a Covid rapid antigen test at the gate. A negative test result is required in order to enter camp. For campers under 2 years old, proof of a negative Covid test is required at the gate. This can either be a PCR test performed within ~72 hrs of arrival at camp, or a rapid antigen test performed at the gate. No unregistered visitors. Please do not encourage visitors; we do not have the personnel over this short weekend to accommodate their arrival, and since ‘no visitors’ is part of the community agreement, other campers have not agreed to their arrival either.

Childcare, Workshops and Activities. There is no childcare and there are no official workshops offered at Labor Day Camp. Campers are encouraged to bring a workshop to share, if able. Deans will organize evening activities.

Looking forward to another excellent camp with you all!