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August Board Meeting

Share your voice with us! NCUUCC holds board meetings four times a year, and we have one coming up. We welcome your opinions and appreciate your experiences! If you are considering joining the board, our annual elections meeting is in November, so this is a good chance for you to meet with us and see what it’s like.

The meeting will be held on August 19th at 10:30AM at the house of Tim Matthiessen. Please RSVP for the address!

Announcing 2013 Family Camp and Labor Day Camp Fees — Register now for best rates!‏

Dear Campers,

Over the last several years, NCUUCC has tried to keep its camp fees low so that they can be affordable even in these tough economic times.  Meanwhile, however, our costs have continued to increase.  Unfortunately, this has taken a toll on the finances of our organization.

As a result, the NCUUCC board had been looking at ways to cut our costs and make our organization more efficient, while still trying to protect the programming we all value.  After long, hard and thoughtful debate, we have come to the conclusion that we must raise our rates.  Please understand that we have looked at our budget and program carefully.  We have found many opportunities to find savings without cutting programming. But it is not enough.  Please find attached documents for a new schedule of fees for Family Camp 2013 and Labor Day Camp 2013, detailing the new rates and the deadlines for savings opportunities.

We realize that no one wants to pay more for something and that these increases may be a hardship.  We hope by communicating with you in advance and sharing the process you will understand and have time to plan.  We believe our camps are great programs and are still a great bargain.  We hope that you can see this value too.

There will still be excellent opportunities to serve on the staffing team.  And thanks to several generous donations we are strengthening our scholarship fund in order to help those not able to meet all their registration by being on staff.   We are posting more information about the scholarship fund on the NCUUCC website soon.

One of the key ways for us to boost the efficiency of our organization is encourage planning in advance.  This allows for getter programming planning and more ways to cut our costs. Accordingly, we have maintained the best price points for those who plan in advance.  For those of you, who wish to volunteer to be on staff, please contact the camp deans and cooks soon.  Look for early requests for staffing.

We do not want these changes to make anyone feel excluded.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.   While the decision to raise our rates is business decision, we value that as an intentional community each voice counts.

Yours in Love and Community,

The NCUUCC Board

NCUUCC 2013 Camper Fee Schedule

NCUUCC Board Meeting May 8th

The next NCUUCC Board Meeting is May 8, 2010 at 10:00 at Eileen Manning-Villars residence. Immediately following the Board meeting, or no later than 1:00pm, the Family Camp 2010 meeting will commence.

Please review the meeting minutes and submit any changes to NCUUCC Secretary Deidre Troxell.

Agenda items should be submitted to Deidre in advance of the meeting as well.

Please be prompt and food is POTLUCK, so please bring something to share.